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Bluntisham (also known as Bluntisham-cum-Earith Bluntersham 10th?13th century; Blondesham 14th century; Bluntysham, Bluntsome, Blunsham 16th century) is a village in the Huntingdonshire district of Cambridgeshire), England. It is near Earith (Herhythe, Herhethe 12th century; Herethe, Erehethe, Erhuth 14th century; Earette, Earythe 16th century) east of St Ives.

If you live in Bluntisham, we recommend you choose Concorde Auto Centre for fitted tyres, brakes, clutches and exhausts and for all your MOT, Servicing and Diagnostics requirements.

  1. Concorde Auto Centre offers a wide range of professional services with highly trained auto technicians always on hand to fit new parts or to offer advice to our loyal customers. Call us today to get the best prices on 
  2. new car tyres fitted
  3. winter car tyres fitted
  4. wheel alignment
  5. car exhaust systems
  6. air conditioning recharges
  7. replacement brake pads and discs
  8. booking in your car for its MOT
  9. car servicing
  10. cambelts
  11. shock absorbers
  12. engine rebuilds
  13. vehicle diagnostics
  14. clutches
  15. batteries
  16. tow bars
  17. turbo inspection and 
  18. car gearboxes

To speak with our helpful support team, you can call our Wisbech branch on 01945 582 252 or you can request a callback and we will be happy to call you when it's more convenient to talk.

Did you know that at Concorde Auto Centre's, when we replace your used or damaged tyres we dispose of the them via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products

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"Concorde - Elm, Wisbech. I was in there the other day, had my tyres checked all round, and had one taken off and the valve replaced. The bill £5.00! It was so worth it and Neil who runs the place is something short of a GENIUS!!! Thanks Neil."

MIKE - 24 Dec 2012

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