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Avon Tyres
Avon have manufactured high quality tyres since 1904. Their range of tyres are suitable for a wide range of vehicles from cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers. As well as a proven tyre for the road, many of you may know the Avon brand from is involvement with motorsport on both two and four wheels. They have long been the official supplier of tyres to the highly successful Formula 3000 category and have also been involved with the Formula Ford Championships.

With over a century of tyre-manufacturing experience behind them, Avon have developed a wealth of design and manufacturing technology. With a extensive test programme for both track and road tyres you can begin to see why Avon tyres offer the customer an unparalleled quality and ability.

Avon Tyres is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. For more information you can visit the Avon Tyres website. The Avon tyres range of products include the following:

AV10 - Designed specially for car-derived vans

  1. Long tyre life
  2. Excellent value
  3. Good handling characteristics
  4. Toughened sidewalls to cope with kerbs and potholes
  5. Low noise levels
  6. Available with R (106mph) and T (118mph) speed ratings
  7. Excellent straight-line stability for motorway driving.

AV4 - Designed for vans to carry heavy loads

  1. First-rate wet weather performance
  2. Long tyre life
  3. Excellent value
  4. Reinforced to handle heavy loads.

AV9 - Designed for modern high speed van tyres

  1. Long life tyre
  2. Robust sidewalls to cope with kerbing damage
  3. Excellent value
  4. Reinforced to handle heavy loads
  5. First-rate wet weather performance
  6. Available with a speed rating of up to 118mph.

CR228-D - Designed for luxury high performance cars

  1. An ultra high performance tyre for swift saloons and coupes
  2. Our Turbosteel, Turbospeed and CR228-D ranges are perfect for large, luxury cars. With enough flex in the sidewall to deliver a comfortable ride, and a tread pattern that’s efficient in reducing noise and dispersing water, if you drive a premium car, these premium tyres will do it justice.

CR85 - Designed as a performance winter tyre

  1. Gives first-rate traction on winter roads & snow, ice, slush, mud and wet
  2. Excellent road holding in the wet and dry
  3. Available in low profile sizes specially to fit high performance cars
  4. Keeps you mobile in the poorest weather conditions
  5. Superb handling characteristics in the dry
  6. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' and 'Mud and Snow' symbol
  7. High silica content for flexibility and grip in cold weather
  8. Available in a broad range of wide, low-profile fitments.

Ice Touring ST - Designed as a performance winter tyre

  1. Available in wide, low-profile sizes to fit high performance cars
  2. Superb wet weather performance
  3. Special rubber formulation to give superb grip and handling in winter temperatures
  4. Provides superior traction in snow, ice, slush and wet
  5. Gives excellent tyre life
  6. 16" and 17" sizes to fit popular high performance cars
  7. Asymmetric tread pattern
  8. Wide, low profile styling to complement the CR85 winter line-up
  9. Run-flat size available
  10. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol
  11. Available in H and V speed ratings.

Ice Touring - Designed as a premium winter tyre

  1. Excellent traction in winter conditions - snow, ice, slush, mud and wet
  2. Superb road holding in all winter conditions thanks to special rubber formulation
  3. First-rate braking performance on slippery surfaces
  4. Ideally suited to rural drivers who need to stay mobile
  5. Broad range of sizes to fit many types of car
  6. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol
  7. High silica content for extra traction in the wet and cold
  8. Features Avon's patented 'Snow Groove' for grip in the snow.

Ranger 55 - Designed as a 4x4 tyre

  1. Low noise levels
  2. Excellent wet weather road holding
  3. Good ride quality
  4. Superb handling characteristics.

Ranger 60 - Designed for SUV's pickups and vans

  1. First-rate straight-line stability
  2. Great looking tread pattern
  3. Gives keen steering response and turn-in characteristics.

Ranger 65 & Ranger 70- Designed as a high performance 4x4 on-road tyre

  1. Superb handling characteristics
  2. Low noise levels
  3. Good ride quality
  4. Very stable at high speed
  5. Excellent wet weather road holding
  6. Good traction in muddy fields
  7. Circumferential tread rib around the centre of the tyre aids steering response
  8. 15% off road; 85% on road.

Ranger All Terrain - Designed as an all terrain 4x4 tyre

  1. Great for both on-road and off-road use
  2. First-class wet weather road holding
  3. Strong traction in off-road conditions
  4. Comfortable ride quality
  5. Good tyre life
  6. Some sizes will also fit 4x4 pick-up trucks
  7. Available with white outline lettering on the sidewall
  8. Bold tread pattern resists clogging and easily 'self-cleans'
  9. Siping for increased wet-weather performance and enhanced off-road traction
  10. 50% off road; 50% on road.

Ranger Ice - Designed as a winter tyre for 4x4 vehicles

  1. Excellent traction in deep snow, ice, slush, mud and plain wet surfaces
    Strong resistance to aquaplaning through standing water
    Keen handling characteristics
    Good road holding in the dry and wet
    Some versions speed rated to 130mph to suit modern, high performance 4x4s
    Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol

Ranger TSE - Designed as a great all round 4x4 tyre

  1. Quiet running
  2. Excellent ride quality
  3. Predictable handling characteristics
  4. Good road holding in the wet and dry
  5. Stylish - features bold white outline lettering in most sizes
  6. Also suitable for 4x4 pick-up trucks
  7. 30% off road; 70% on road.

Trailer 950 - Designed as a trailer tyre for on and off road performance

  1. Trailer 950 is an able performer on the road and in the mud.

Van Master - Designed as a rugged, reliable van tyre

  1. Developed specially for medium-sized vans
  2. Outstanding traction in snow, ice, slush and mud - helps keep you mobile
  3. Will accept ice studs for ultimate traction in extreme winter conditions
  4. Excellent value
  5. Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol.

ZV3 - Designed as a tyre for performance saloons

  1. Special 'tri-sector' tread pattern makes for ultra-quiet tyre
  2. Confidence-inspiring on-the-limit handling
  3. Strong road holding in all conditions
  4. Good steering response
  5. Wide range of sizes to fit your car
  6. Asymmetric tread means tyres fit every wheel position
  7. Outer shoulder tread blocks for improved cornering stability
  8. Available in H and V speed ratings.

ZV5 - Designed as an all round premium tyre

  1. Outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions
  2. Progressive, predictable handling
  3. Excellent braking performance, wet or dry
  4. Quiet running
  5. Extensive range of sizes, from 15in to 18in
  6. Rim flange protector to help guard against kerb damage
  7. Available in V/W and Y speed ratings.

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When we replace your used or damaged tyres at Concorde Auto Centre we dispose of the tyres via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products

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