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Falken Tyres
Falken Tyres are best known for their Ultra High Performance Radials, design and affordability. Their tyres are made with the latest Japanese technology at a price you can afford. Whether you have a mini, 4x4 or the latest performance sports car, Falken have the right tyre for you.

Falken Tyres produce tyres that are not only have high-performance characteristics, but also they are energy-saving. Protecting the environment to the greatest possible extent is one of the drivers for the company and with that in mind they continue to apply flexibility and open-mindedness to constantly develop and improve their dynamic range of Falken tyres.

For more information you can visit the Falken Tyres website. The Falken Tyres range of products include the following:

FK-07E - Designed to improve sporting control in wet conditions

  1. Best qualities from smart tread design
  2. The sporty 10 inch choice for your mini
  3. Six straight grooves for good directional stability in wet conditions
  4. Asymmetrical and W laterial segment pattern
  5. Excellent riding comfort.

FK-452 - Designed as their flagship high performance tyre

  1. Flagship high performance tyre
  2. New premium tyre with silica based compound
  3. Innovative tread design from motor sports racing technology
  4. Improved resistance to aquaplaning.

LA-AT - Designed as an all terrain 4x4 tyre suitable for powerful traction in mud and snow

  1. 4x4 tyre for off-road
  2. Powerful traction in mud and snow.

LA-AT T110 - Designed for SUVs to give great performance on-road and off-road

  1. LA/AT T-110 SUV tyre to meet city, highway use and rough road driving
  2. Outstanding performance in wet and dry conditions
  3. Superb durability and stability at high speeds
  4. All-season compound
  5. Improved cornering grip and directional stability.

R51 - The tyre designed for light commercial vehicles

  1. Tyre for commercial light trucks
  2. Excellent wear resistance and durability
  3. Good wet performance.

Sincera SN-807 - Designed for smooth and comfortable driving with low road noise

  1. Modern design with distinctive tread
  2. Smooth riding comfort
  3. Easy handling
  4. Low noise at all speed-levels.

Sincera SN-828 - Designed as an economical tyre for the family car

  1. Economy, comfort and safety in a single tyre
  2. The ultimate tyre for the smaller family motor that maximises the tyres life.
  3. Long life and excellent cost performance
  4. New silica compound for optimising wet performance and wear resistance
  5. Easy handling and superior high speed stability
  6. Riding comfort and quietness
  7. High grade appearance.

T110 - Designed for 4x4s offering the best performance on wet and dry conditions

  1. The T-110 4x4 tyre is now available in the UK
  2. The T-110 can meet all city, highway and rough road driving needs
  3. Best performance on wet and dry conditions
  4. High speed durability and handling stability
  5. All seasons compound
  6. Improved cornering grip and anti-wondering performance.

Ziex ZE912 - A tyre designed for small to medium sized cars

  1. Asymmetric Performance tyre suitable for small to mid sized cars
  2. New asymmetric pattern with 4 wide circumferential grooves making the ZE 912 an incredibly stable tyre at high speed, and under heavy braking
  3. New lateral groove design creates significantly improved water displacement performance with higher land ratio on the outer blocks of the tread resulting in higher load handling when cornering
  4. Typically suited to performance hatch backs, small to mid sized executive/family saloons and MPV's
  5. Target vehicles include anything from 120 to 250bhp.

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When we replace your used or damaged tyres at Concorde Auto Centre we dispose of the tyres via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products

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