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Centenary Celebrations for 100mph Vauxhall 30-98

Published: Tuesday 26th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

Vauxhall are planning a series of events during May and July in 2013 to celebrate the Centenary of the Vauxhall 30-98 which was the first British production car to break the magic 100mph barrier for a production car. Some 200+ examples of the car still survive to this day.

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'Turbo' A new Dreamworks Animation coming in 2013

Published: Monday 25th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Turbos

In this new Dreamworks animation, the hero (a snail) gets sucked into the engine of a Camaro and sprayed with Nitrous Oxide and comes out to find that he's actually rather quick, and sets himself on a journey that winds up at the Indianapolis 500.

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Audi TT launched into side of house

Published: Monday 25th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

A young driver of an Audi TT was seriously injured in Lowestoft in the early hours of Sunday morning as his car left the road, clipped a car on the driveway and was launched into the side of the house.

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Michelin Winter Tyres Keeps Tesco Deliveries Moving

Published: Friday 22nd of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Tyres

As we are hit by yet another spell of cold icy conditions this weekend, there's news that Tesco's decision to run Winter Tyres from Michelin has been the right choice this winter as driving conditions continue to be treacherous.

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Why it pays to have your Car Serviced

Published: Thursday 21st of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Turbos

Considering the current financial climate we are in, you could be mistaken for thinking that missing the occasional scheduled service on your car might save you money - think again!

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