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The Weird and the Beautiful at Geneva 2013

Published: Monday 11th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

The key movers and shakers in the automotive industry have now shown to the world their latest creations at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. As always, visitors to the annual event have been given plenty of machinery from the simply beautiful to the downright weird and wacky!

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Are Steamed up Windows a Thing of the Past?

Published: Thursday 7th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

The boffins at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been developing a special coating which when applied to glass will stop it from steaming up. Potentially gone are those days of waiting for the windscreen or rear window to clear in the mornings.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car's Tyres Need Attention

Published: Thursday 7th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Tyres

The tyres on your car are probably the most important part of your car, effecting road handling, acceleration and braking through to a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. With that in mind you need to give your tyres the attention they deserve.

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Kia has unveiled the Provo, a Rio-based concept car

Published: Monday 4th of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

Inspired by urban racers from Fiat, Alfa and Mini, the designers at Kia have unveiled a stunning new concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Kia Provo, it's based on the Kia Rio platform which has been shortened to just over 3.88m long.

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Affordable Classics Going Under the Hammer at Auction

Published: Friday 1st of March 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Industry News

For the past couple of weeks we have highlighted some of the stunning cars that have reached sky high figures at auction over the years. This week, we thought we'd highlight some more affordable classics that will be going under the hammer next month.

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