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Don’t feel deflated over Christmas

Published: Tuesday 17th of December 2013 | Author: Holly | Category: Tyres

A recent survey has revealed that a third of motorists believe that kicking a tyre will reveal whether or not it is properly inflated. More worryingly, one in four does not know how to check if their tyre tread is legal.

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Parents Fail Falken School Tyre Safety 'Test'

Published: Wednesday 31st of July 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

Motorists carry their most precious cargo when making the school run, but that's no guarantee that the vehicles they use will be fit for duty.

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Pirelli allowed to run unrestricted tests

Published: Monday 1st of July 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

Pirelli is to be allowed to run two three-day tests in an effort to resolve its current tyre problems following the blow-out chaos that unfolded in the British Grand Prix this weekend.

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Published: Thursday 27th of June 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric car

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Another wet summer?

Published: Thursday 20th of June 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

Concorde Auto Centre is advising motorists to check their tyres in anticipation of another wet summer.The UK's roads are wet at least 40 per cent of the time and if last summer is anything to go by, wet roads will significantly increase the risk of aquaplaning.

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