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Think you know about tyres?

Published: Saturday 15th of June 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

The UK produces over 50 million tyres a year. Tyres are vital for our lives as the world would literally grind to a halt without them and it is not simply cars and trucks which would stop - how many commercial airliners would be able to land without rubber tires beneath them on the runway? Here's a few facts about tyres you may not know.....

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Longleat lions eat tyres for lunch

Published: Monday 10th of June 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

It’s not unusual for an AA patrolman to be called out to help a stranded motorist whose car tyre had burst and was beyond repair. But from reading his rather matter-of-fact message sent to his HQ, things weren’t all that they seemed! “Tyre size 215 45 R17. Doesn't think tyre can be repaired, it has been bitten by a lion.”

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Fuelling furious motorists

Published: Sunday 26th of May 2013 | Author: Katie | Category: Tyres

“Nearly half of British motorists are driving less because of rising fuel costs,” according to

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Tyred of recycling? Tread Carefully…

Published: Friday 24th of May 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

Were all guilty of moaning about having to do the recycling but one woman has thought outside the ‘recycling box’ and come up with an ingenious way of recycling old tyres. “By adding funky cotton and leather uppers to recycled tyre soles, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu has sold many thousands of pairs of handmade flip-flops, boat shoes, loafers and Converse-style trainers to foreign customers”. (

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Tyre Trends: 2012/2013

Published: Friday 17th of May 2013 | Author: Katie | Category: Tyres

It might be early days, but since the introduction of the EU tyre labelling, were already seeing the impact with the sales of premium tyres holding up really well. have revealed “It’s in the segment between premium and budget where the greatest pressure has been, all brands in this segment have struggled to maintain share as a result of aggressive pricing strategies at both ends of the market”.

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ANON - 31 Jul 2017

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