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Curb your suspense

Published: Wednesday 15th of May 2013 | Author: Katie | Category: Shock Absorbers

Your car's suspension system is an intricate network of components designed to give you a smooth ride, but if worn or damaged can leave your car feeling somewhat deflated. ‘Say what you see’ is the usual advice but when it comes to suspension I think ‘Say what you hear and feel’ is more apt.

If you hear a loud clunking sound coming from the car, especially from the front end when going over bumps, this could be an indication something isn’t quite right. Another tell-tale sign might be if your vehicle is pulling to one side while driving. “It may seem daunting to try to diagnose steering or suspension problems, but if you attack it systematically, you have a fighting chance.” (

Check your vehicles tyres and see if there is any wear or tread damage in unusual places, such as the sides or walls of the tyres. If you’re unsure what consists of ‘damage in unusual places’, contact Concorde Auto Centre who can diagnose and fix suspension problems.

“Many cars nowadays use a strut suspension, which is a shock integrated with the coil spring”, according to Worn or damaged shocks or struts can also prematurely wear other steering and suspension components such as tie rods, coil springs, ball joints and even tyres.

Just like us fluid is essential to keep your car healthy, if your suspension struts aren’t properly greased it can cause friction on the other components – leading to even more wear and tear. If grease isn’t the problem it could be the vehicles suspension fluid levels that are incorrect. 

Change is good right? Not if it’s a change in the way your car drives which you notice when driving over bumps or turning round a corner. The best way to evaluate your suspension is to simply drive your car and listen and feel for anything ‘different’. 

There are so many intricate mechanisms involved in the suspension of a vehicle; it could be a small change that might just make a big difference.

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