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Exhausted with car care?

Published: Tuesday 7th of May 2013 | Author: Katie | Category: Exhausts

We would all love to live in a world where cars run on air and money grows on trees but unfortunately this is not the case. We can however make sure we’re getting the most out of our money by making sure our motor vehicles are running efficiently. 

Do you disappear into a cloud of smoke every time you pull away or perhaps getting funny looks from pedestrians when you put your foot down on the accelerator? Chances are your exhaust needs a little TLC. 

Burning oil, evaporating coolant and leaving unburned fuel in the exhaust are all signs to look out for when checking the efficiency/safety of your exhaust. “Emissions problems can make your vehicle run poorly, waste fuel, pollute the environment and, in some cases, cause your vehicle to be banned from the roads”, according to

Interestingly the way you drive your car can also impact emission levels. While your car is likely emitting certain amounts of gases most of the time, rates of emission change depending on speed. reports that “NOx emissions are higher when you drive at higher speeds, but CO and VOCs are actually lower”.

An exhaust might look pretty straight forward to an untrained eye but “there are numerous components that if not working properly, can cause high emissions or an emissions test failure. If any of these emissions components fail, emissions can increase. Along with these systems, other components such as spark plugs, plug wires, and filters can also increase emissions if defective”. (

The two most obvious exhaust symptoms to look out for are black or grey smoke appearing from the back end of your vehicle and loud popping or hissing sounds when your engine is turned on. If you notice these any other signs or symptoms make sure you get your exhaust checked by a trained mechanic straight away.

Concorde Auto Centre recognises the importance of keeping your exhaust in top condition. Therefore a regular check to get rid of noxious fumes, control excessive noise and help to boost engine performance as well as improving fuel consumption, should help save you money and improve the general efficiency of your vehicle.

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KIM - 04 May 2017

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