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Five technologies to expect to see on vehicles soon

Published: Tuesday 1st of July 2014 | Author: Holly | Category: Industry News

With automotive technology moving faster than ever here are some new innovations we should expect to see in our vehicles in the not so distant future.

1)    Vehicle-to-vehicle communications
Just as we become more connected with each other, our vehicles will also be communicating with each other on the road. Using Wi-Fi like technology cars will communicate with each other by recognizing your location in relation to other cars, enabling the vehicle to essentially be aware of its own surroundings. 
This advanced technology is designed to reduce the number of accidents on the road and will be smart enough to let you know if another vehicle several cars ahead has stopped short and allowing you to anticipate a manoeuvre to avoid an accident.

2)    Carbon Fibre
We already see a lot of carbon fibre used in modern day cars so this may not appear to be that revolutionary at first but the increased demand is predicted to drive the price of the material down dramatically. The need to make vehicles more fuel efficient is said to be a key factor in the price drop and we should expect to see this light weight material used in a lot more vehicles.

3)    Airless Tyres
Major tyre manufacturers are already prototyping tyres without the need for air.  These tyres will be filled with 'moulded thermoplastic resin spokes' which would support the vehicle without having to be inflated with air. The benefits of such tyres would mean punctures would become a thing of the past and there would be no need to check tyre pressures.

4)    Water repelling technology
Hydrophobic technology is set to be a key feature of future vehicles. This is the ability to ‘repel water’ from windscreens and even paint work doing away with the need for windscreen wipers.  Already, being trialled by multiple auto manufacturers this new invention is set to make cleaning your car a lot simpler!

5)    Self-Driving cars
A subject of much debate at the moment, but whether you like the idea or not, self-driving cars look set to be an inevitability of future motoring. Most of us would have heard of Google’s endeavours in this field but Toyota, Mercedes and Nissan are all investing into autonomous car development.  Nissan even indicated that they will be ready to launch their own self driving vehicles to public highways by 2020.

These innovations may be a few years off yet but here at Concorde we make sure we are up to date with the latest developments.  Our centres feature cutting edge technology and expert auto technicians that provide an unrivalled level of quality and service.

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