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Has Tyre Labelling Changed Buying Habits?

Published: Tuesday 19th of February 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Tyres

Back in November 2012, new tyre labelling EU regulations were introduced to provide customers with more information about tyres that would allow them to make more informed choices when they purchased new tyres. Has it helped or hinder the customer and retailer?

To find out, Tyre Trade News (TTN) have undertaken a survey of 50 tyre retailers across the UK in an independent and confidential survey to find out how retailers and customers are coming to terms to the new regulations and to see if it has changed the buying habits of the UK consumer in any way.

Both national and independent retailers were questioned in the survey across the UK to gain a good cross section of the industry. The key results from these surveys are as follows:

  1. Were labels visible on all interior tyre racks? Yes, 80%: Partly Covered 17%: No labels 3%
  2. Were new tyres supplied with labels and if not what action was taken? Yes 96%: No 4% (contacted supplier)
  3. Did the labels stay on the tyres? Yes 77%: Occasional Problem 15%: Problems 8%
  4. What tyre labelling information are you displaying other than on tyres? Some 58%: None 42%
  5. Does tyre labelling assist the sales process and are customers influenced by the information? Yes 47%: No 53%
  6. Which price sector is benefiting most from the new labelling legislation? Non Premium 42%
  7. Do you feel tyre labelling is necessary and does your staff appreciate the value of the new legislation? Yes 47%: No 53%
  8. Finally, when asked if tyre labelling was actually necessary and benefited the UK tyre market the vote swung slightly in favour of Yes (49%) with 47% stating No and 4% undecided.

It was felt among retailers that although a majority could see the benefit of tyre labelling, some felt that to succeed the format would need to be improved because at present it can give the wrong impression especially when comparing the well established market leading brands with those lesser known brands.

What is interesting from the feedback from the survey was the fact that the UK buying public are still driven by price and that additional information on tyres was not an important issue when they purchased.

Since the new tyre regulations have come into force, it would appear that it's still early days in terms of the public's awareness and understanding of the labelling information although at our Concorde Auto Centre branches in Peterborough and Wisbech, our customers have said that the information has been useful to them in making informed decisions on which tyres would be best suited to their driving needs, and not just on price.

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