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Think you know about tyres?

Published: Saturday 15th of June 2013 | Author: Naidre | Category: Tyres

The UK produces over 50 million tyres a year.  Tyres are vital for our lives as the world would literally grind to a halt without them and it is not simply cars and trucks which would stop - how many commercial airliners would be able to land without rubber tyres beneath them on the runway?

Here are some facts about tyres you may not know:

Vulcanized rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1844 and this was used to make tyres later on.  John Dunlop invented air filled, or pneumatic tyres in 1888 for bicycles, though his patent was later overturned in favour of another inventor, Robert Thompson.  However it was Andre Michelin in 1895 who first tried to use them on cars (without success).

The first successful car tyre was invented by Philip Strauss in 1911 and sold through his company, the Hardman Tire & Rubber Company.

Are all tyres are made from rubber? No, the original tyres were made from bands of iron and in later years, made from steel.  John Dunlop experimented with rubber tyres for his son’s bicycle because riding on the metal tyres caused him to have headaches!

Tyres actually change their shape when they are in use because of the effect of centrifugal force.  As the tyre spins, the outer part of the tyre is constantly being “thrown away” from the axle centre which causes the tyre to become narrower and the diameter to increase.   This effect can be so great that the tyre will actually rub against the vehicle body and this leads to excessive wear and tear as well as the more catastrophic blowout.

What's the world’s largest tyre? An automobile tyre built as a Uniroyal promotional icon and was used as a Ferris wheel for some time too.  It is 80 feet tall and weighs in at 12 tons and was built for the 1964/65 New York World Fair though it’s current home is in Detroit – Motor Town.

Not all tyres are filled with air. Aircraft requires specialist tyres to allow for short duration but excessively high-impact use, particularly when a plane comes in to land and the weight of the aircraft hits the runway. During flight, the external pressure and temperature changes would cause tyres to burst if they were filled with air, and the answer is to use nitrogen or helium to minimize the pressure differential between the high altitude and the compressed gas inside the tyre.

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