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What does your car say about you?

Published: Monday 29th of April 2013 | Author: Katie | Category: Industry News

There are many decisions in life that we could say ‘define us’ but who would have thought one of those is what car you drive! Apparently you could be mistaken for a football manager if you turn up to a match in a Porsche cayenne S Diesel (with tinted windows), according to a story on

Some other common, but perhaps not accurate stereotypes are…

The Saab Owner: These cars have become associated with older people (for the newer models) and nerdy people (for the older models). (

The Renault Owner: Over the years, the Renault has become associated with confident, single women. (

The BMW Owner: Perhaps one of the most stereotyped cars ever, BMW drivers are stereotyped as being generally rude and obnoxious. These days, newer BMWs are linked to well educated, well off drivers. (

The Subaru Owner: The Subaru has a strong association with those who like the outdoors, enjoying going on regular camping trips. (

The Audi Owner: Although it can depend on the model, the typical Audi driver is stereotypes as a male who wants to try and feel or come across as more manly than he actually is. (

However Concorde’s thoughts are…

The Saab Owner: Saab was of that rare breed of car that always had a band of devoted, fanatical followers – much like today.

The Renault Owner: Over the years, the Renault has become associated with confident drivers.

The BMW Owner: Classic or new, people who drive these cars have style and confidence.

The Subaru Owner: I think it’s safe to say Subaru owners have a ‘need for speed’.

The Audi Owner: Someone that enjoys to drive luxury cars and most important, “cool cars”.

Common stereotypes associated with car brands don’t exist at Concorde – we welcome all cars, and all people for that matter!

While we included ‘naughty press’ we love you all and see everyone as equal so call in to your local centre for:

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