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Winter Tyres - Should You Get Them Fitted?

Published: Monday 18th of February 2013 | Author: Scott | Category: Tyres

As we experience more and more wintery driving conditions with sub-zero temperatures more often, should you consider buying Winter Tyres and do they offer improved performance and road handling?

The key difference between summer and winter tyres use the use of a softer rubber compound for winter tyres which result in more of the tyre's surface to be in contact with the road at any one time. In addition, the tread patterns tend to be slightly different too, with more complex patterns and deeper grooves to help with dispersing standing water, snow and slush on the roads.

Should you buy Winter Tyres? The simple answer is yes and to back that up, Autocar Journalist Steve Sutcliffe recently wrote about his thoughts on the topic of Winter Tyres. Steve writes, "Until last year I was sceptical about the whole business of winter tyres. I thought they were a ruse quite frankly; a conspiracy designed by the car and tyre manufacturers to get us to part with our hard earned folding for something that we don't strictly need. But then I tried some, at which point my opinion on the subject changed completely. I was running a long term BMW 1M at the time, and at BMW's insistence the car was fitted with a set of Michelin Alpin winter tyres. And when it came back I was stunned by how different it felt to drive; how much more comfortably it rode, how much sweeter it steered, how less fidgety it felt on badly surfaced roads, and how much more grip it had everywhere in the wet."

"There were some other qualities about the car on winter tyres that were less desirable, true. I noticed, for instance, that the speedo had become wildly ambitious; at a true 70mph it was reading almost 80mph, which meant the fuel range indicator was similarly off piste. And the car's traction control also become neurotic, killing the power at the merest whiff of throttle, even on bone dry roads. But when eventually it snowed (albeit only a bit) the tyres were an absolute revelation. The 1M was not rendered useless; as I'm no doubt it would have been on its original 19in summer tyres. Instead, it could go pretty much anywhere because it could stop, steer and accelerate, almost as if the roads were merely wet rather than covered in snow."

So should we all got out now and buy Winter Tyres for our cars? Well we think Steve has the answer as he says, "What's the point in spending upwards of a thousand pounds on winter tyres in the UK when we don't have the weather to justify such extra cost, I hear you cry. Put it this way, next time it snows (and they say it might do properly in the UK this winter) and our nation grinds to a halt once again (which it will) just think how much money will go up in smoke in the resulting mayhem. And think how much more efficient it would be if when it snows, we all continued to get around in our cars, vans, lorries and buses, virtually as if nothing had happened. That's how much of a difference winter tyres can make. And the sooner we realise it, the less carnage there will be next time our beloved weather forecasters warn us there's a cold snap heading our way."

Order your Winter Tyres and have them fitted by one of our experts at Concorde Auto Centre and we'll even store your Summer Tyres until you come to put them back on when the temperature warms up again.

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