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  1. BMW 6 Series 628CSi 2.8 E24
  2. BMW 6 Series 630i 3.0 E63
  3. BMW 6 Series 630i 3.0 E64
  4. BMW 6 Series 633CSi 3.2 E24
  5. BMW 6 Series 635CSi 3.4 E24
  6. BMW 6 Series 635CSi 3.5 E24
  7. BMW 6 Series 635d 3.0 E63
  8. BMW 6 Series 635d 3.0 E64
  9. BMW 6 Series 640d 3.0 F12
  10. BMW 6 Series 640d 3.0 F13
  11. BMW 6 Series 640i 3.0 F12
  12. BMW 6 Series 640i 3.0 F13
  13. BMW 6 Series 645Ci 4.4 E63
  14. BMW 6 Series 645Ci 4.4 E64
  15. BMW 6 Series 650i 4.4 F12
  16. BMW 6 Series 650i 4.4 F13
  17. BMW 6 Series 650i 4.8 E63
  18. BMW 6 Series 650i 4.8 E64
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  14. winter car tyres fitted
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  16. car exhaust systems
  17. air conditioning recharges
  18. replacement brake pads and discs
  19. booking in your car for its MOT
  20. car servicing
  21. cambelts
  22. shock absorbers
  23. engine rebuilds
  24. vehicle diagnostics
  25. clutches
  26. batteries
  27. tow bars
  28. turbo inspection and 
  29. car gearboxes
When we replace your used or damaged tyres at Concorde Auto Centre we dispose of the tyres via our in-house tyre shredder. The waste material is then sent to be recycled into new rubber-based products.

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"Excellent service from start to finish. Highly recommend.They'd forgotten to include something in the quote, and charged for it virtually free, fast, efficient, stupendous value for money and courteous service. And, if you are a woman, virtually every other car place in Peterborough talks to either your husband/partner/random male with you or to your 'chest area' which I hate with a passion - Concorde people seem to appreciate that a grown woman (even a none technical rather dim one!) has the nouse to own a car, and more importantly, pay the bill!!Incidentally, while I was picking my car up, there was an incredibly rude and unreasonable customer giving one of the guys a really hard time and the way he (the concorde employee) dealt with it was very impressive customer service (I'd have lost my cool, but he was ultra professional the whole way) "

ANON - 27 Jun 2013

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